Loki and Vidar head off to work and school, leaving Circe alone with Gunn. Circe knows additional mechanical skill points will be required to reach the top of the Medical career, so she spends most of the day working on that. Gunn is fortunately an independent toddler, allowing Circe to work relatively uninterrupted.

Vidar might only be looking at a painting here, but at least he shows he can look like a true Beaker if he wants to! :D

Vidar might only be looking at a painting here, but at least he shows he can look like a true Beaker if he wants to! :D

Young Gunn always knows what she wants. She prefers to play with ‘serious’ toys, is already quite studious and somewhat mean-spirited. I think she’ll make her parents real proud one day!

Vidar has realised that if he wants a non-cheating opponent in chess, he’ll have to make some new acquaintances outside of this home! :D

Since he has not yet started school, Vidar spends a lot of time with his little sister. They get along great and Vidar even teaches her to sing a nursery rhyme! :)

The Beaker family consists of Circe & Loki Beaker and their two children Vidar & Gunn.

Little Gunn has just celebrated her first birthday, and has yet to learn some important toddler skills.

Vidar, who is a curious boy and much gentler than his other three family members, is very excited for his first day at school tomorrow.

Circe and Loki are both very career-oriented and they both spend a lot on time working on their skills. The two pregnancies have forced Circe to stay home a lot more than she really wanted, but once Gunn gets a bit older, she has all intentions to make up for that.

» ☺ ¶

» : What was your first sim’s name?

I really can’t remember… I know I created a mom, dad and their teenaged daugther and moved them into a house in Veronaville. Everyone were miserable and the dad eventuallt died. XD

☺: How many sims games do you own?

I own all EPs and SPs for Sims 2 except for the Holiday one. I also have Sim City 4 and Sims 3 for my Playstation 3 (I have never really played the latter though, so it was kind of a waste of money for me :D).

¶ : Are you excited for Sims 4?

Honestly, no - at least not yet. We know so little about the game at this point and I have no idea how EA will handle things like genetics and story progression (which are dealbreakers for me). The Origin/EA account requirement is another turn-off for me. I love Sims 2 and can definitely see myself playing it for many more years. That being said, I might give Sims 4 a go, but I’ll likely wait until I see the reactions from other players.

† σ π

†: Do you kill sims on purpose?

When I first started playing the game, I killed sims both intentionally and unintentionally all the time. Nowadays, I normally get quite attached to most of my sims and thus finds it hard to kill them. I could probably still bring myself to kill a nasty townie who kicks over the trashcan, though! :D

σ: Your sim inspiration?

Practically everyone I follow inspires me one way or another. Decorating pictures can make me feel like doing some decoration myself, gameplay pictures often makes me want to play the game and CC posts tend to inspire me to create something myself etc.

π : Your favorite/Least favorite neighbourhood?

My favorite would have to be Strangetown, closely followed by Veronaville. Least favorite is probably Desiderata Valley. I enjoy reading about other people’s adventures in DV though, and I think I could learn to like it if I really tried. I have never played Belladonna Cove, so I don’t know about that one. :)



§: Do you use cheats?

†: Do you kill sims on purpose?

♂ : Do you make male sims more than female sims (Vise Versa)

» : What was your first sim’s name?

ƒ: What was your first expansion pack you bought?

☺: How many sims games do you own?

€: Have you tried making a celebrity sim?

ɔ: Have you made CC before? Or atleast try to?

◯: How many GB/MB C do you have?

✦: Have you ever recreated a sim?

◘ : Does your game crash often?

♫: Worst mistake that has ever happened in your game?

¶ : Are you excited for Sims 4?

░ : What neighbourhood do you play the most?

▓ : Your most favorite cc creators?

▐ : Is your downloads folder organized?

σ: Your sim inspiration?

╩ : Do you get attached to your sims?

¢ : When did you last play?

æ : What kind of simblr are you?

╫ : Do you play with premades? Who is your favorite?

π : Your favorite/Least favorite neighbourhood?

█ : Your favorite/Least favorite household?

ß : Least favorite expansion/Most favorite expansion?

│ : Do you listen to music when you play? If so, what songs?

¥ : Have you played any other Sims games besides 2 & 3?

Ü : Have you ever made a sim-self?

Given that this has gone viral and it seems fun… ask away : )


I looked away for like 8 seconds, and the next thing I know Buck has made a booty call… I guess that was quite a nice way for Buck to end his teen years! :D

He also manages to get two scholarships.

Blossom discovers why she has been puking practically all day long! :D

Tank completes his servo, but doesn’t look very happy about it for some reason. The servo looks pretty depressed too…

( This is the first servo I have ever built… When I’ll dare to actually activate it I don’t know, though! .p )