And so it’s finally time for the boys to celebrate their birthdays! :)

Not surprisingly Legolas chooses Popularity as his aspiration, while Merkurius chooses family. Legolas wants to become a Media Magnate, while Merkurius, despite his extreme shyness, wants to be a Celebrity Chef.

Monica does her best to pass the time while everyone else are at school or work. Legolas continues to bring new friends home from school, while his shy brother prefers to play with the kitten. :)

Legolas brings Alva Subject home from school and the two of them start playing a game of chess. Neither of them actually likes chess, but they both enjoy to cheat - something Alva appears to be a lot better at than Legolas! Despite all the cheating, they somehow manage to make good friends before it’s time for Alva to leave. :D

Monica’s enters her second trimester!:D

( She has still not found a job in the desired Education career track, so she won’t get any vacation days even if she finds a job before the baby is born… )

The Curious family

Pascal and Monica has been a couple for a long time, but it wasn’t until recently they decided to finally tie the knot. Ever since their wedding they have been trying for a baby - and it finally seems like they have succeeded! Pascal already has two boys (who will soon be teenagers!), but he’s quite relieved he won’t be the only parent this time around! :)

The children share their first real meal together. While Alva also makes some new acquaintances online and plays a game of chess before going to bed, Tim is approached by his grandma. She has noticed Tim’s complete lack of table manners, and promptly decides some encouragement must be done! :D

It’s time for the bottle-fighting twins to grow up! :-)

It’s now clear to me that both children have inherited Nervous’ chin, which I’m pretty excited about. I really hope their third child will inherit Nervous’ adorable eyes as well, though!

The fight over the bottle! xD

While the twins take a nap, Olive takes the opportunity to read an educational book. Meanwhile, Nervous returns from work with a promotion and with exciting news: Another baby is indeed on its way! :)

Olive attempts to fix the bathtub her son broke. She doesn’t really know if she should be frustrated over Nervous’ clumsiness, or grateful that she’s provided with an opportunity to improve her mechanical skills… :D

The Specter family…

Cyd and Nervous are happily married, with so far two twin toddlers. Nervous strongly suspects another one is on it’s way and, being a genuine family guy, he’s of course thrilled. Cyd wants to know everything and spends a lot of his spare time studying various skills. As long as he gets a few hours every day to himself, he doesn’t mind the idea of a third, fourth or even fifth child. Olive shares Cyd’s obsession with knowledge, but being immortal she’s in no real hurry to max all her skills, and thinks being a big part of her grandchildren’s lives is the most important thing right now. :)

( I realise I have been very inactive lately, which will probably change soon. I’m currently having a lot of fun playing FIFA 14 on PS2, but I’m also starting to miss my sims more and more! :D )

Loki and Vidar head off to work and school, leaving Circe alone with Gunn. Circe knows additional mechanical skill points will be required to reach the top of the Medical career, so she spends most of the day working on that. Gunn is fortunately an independent toddler, allowing Circe to work relatively uninterrupted.

Vidar might only be looking at a painting here, but at least he shows he can look like a true Beaker if he wants to! :D

Vidar might only be looking at a painting here, but at least he shows he can look like a true Beaker if he wants to! :D

Young Gunn always knows what she wants. She prefers to play with ‘serious’ toys, is already quite studious and somewhat mean-spirited. I think she’ll make her parents real proud one day!