Loki and Vidar head off to work and school, leaving Circe alone with Gunn. Circe knows additional mechanical skill points will be required to reach the top of the Medical career, so she spends most of the day working on that. Gunn is fortunately an independent toddler, allowing Circe to work relatively uninterrupted.

Vidar might only be looking at a painting here, but at least he shows he can look like a true Beaker if he wants to! :D

Vidar might only be looking at a painting here, but at least he shows he can look like a true Beaker if he wants to! :D

Young Gunn always knows what she wants. She prefers to play with ‘serious’ toys, is already quite studious and somewhat mean-spirited. I think she’ll make her parents real proud one day!

Vidar has realised that if he wants a non-cheating opponent in chess, he’ll have to make some new acquaintances outside of this home! :D

Since he has not yet started school, Vidar spends a lot of time with his little sister. They get along great and Vidar even teaches her to sing a nursery rhyme! :)

The Beaker family consists of Circe & Loki Beaker and their two children Vidar & Gunn.

Little Gunn has just celebrated her first birthday, and has yet to learn some important toddler skills.

Vidar, who is a curious boy and much gentler than his other three family members, is very excited for his first day at school tomorrow.

Circe and Loki are both very career-oriented and they both spend a lot on time working on their skills. The two pregnancies have forced Circe to stay home a lot more than she really wanted, but once Gunn gets a bit older, she has all intentions to make up for that.

Circe arrives home with a promotion, due to a successfull chance card. She has always been convinced work can solve all kinds of problems - and it apparently solved the bubble glitch!

The rest of the night is mostly spent on teaching Gunn various toddler skills, while the curious Vidar can’t resist studying some of his parent’s science books. I guess he wants to be well prepared for his first schoolday the day after tomorrow. :)

This round will be full of birthdays (which I always love), and the second day over at the Beakers it’s time for little Gunn to become a toddler.

She grows up into a real little cutie pie, but don’t let the cuteness fool you: This sweet, “innocent” young lady is, personality-wise, a true Beaker! :D

( I don’t know if I should be grateful both Vidar and Gunn turned out so adorable or if I should be disappointed no one inherited Loki’s awesome brows… )

Before Circe went to work, she and Loki played a game of chess, where they took turns in trying to cheat. Loki eventually discovered Circe’s cheating and all of a sudden it wasn’t as fun anymore… I was hoping you’d at least be somewhat consistent, Loki! xD

Vidar and his parents have a simple family dinner, enjoying the rest of Vidar’s birthday cake. The birthday child makes a few acquaintances online, before he goes to bed for the night.

Circe is up early the next day to take care of Gunn. She’s in an extremely good mood this day - Loki’s promotion yesterday means he has the day of today, which means she can finally go back to work!

Vidar is much nicer than the rest of the family, but he’s just as neat and always makes his bed with a smile on his face. He’s also fully capable of enjoying himself, which leaves his parents with plenty of time to do their things.

Vidar, being a serious little guy, quickly heads over to the chessboard. His father quickly joins him…

Loki: Oh no, it looks like the candlestick over there is about to fall down from the wall!

Vidar: What? Really?

Loki: Keep an eye on it while I’m thinking…

Vidar: It doesn’t look like it’ll fall down anytime soon to me… Wait, did you just move my Pawn!?

Loki: Eh, well…

Vidar: You can’t be serious! I have not even been to school yet and you still feel the need to cheat!

Loki: Look, son… I’m just trying to teach you how to be a Beaker. We Beakers will always be the greatest and most successfull in this town, but to be successfull you’ll sometimes need to lie a bit.

Vidar: No, I don’t believe that! I do know something though: I’ll never play chess with you again! Ever!

When Circe and Vidar arrives back home, Loki does the same - with a promotion!

Since they both roll wanted to, Circe swings Vidar around until the poor child is feeling all nauseaous. Circe doesn’t extactly offer much comfort and just look at her sick son with a WTF face… :D

Later that day it’s time for Vidar to celebrate his birthday. Circe is still all “bubbly”, but despite that she manages to successfully help her son to grow up. She (and I) is pleased with what he’s grown up into.

While she and Vidar head off to City to give him a makeover, his old room gets a makeover as well. He’s fascinated about everything alien-related, which his parents decide to tolerate. At least for know! :D

( To be able to place more items on his desk, I decided to use various OMSPs. It helped me to get the desired result, but man did I find it tedious! I’m now officially FULL OF admiration for everyone who keep decorating with OMSPs all the time! :) )

The Eclectic and Enigmatic Energizer, along with the rest of the lab, has been moved down into the basement and Loki decides to use it before he leaves for work.

Little Gunn has a lot of moments, but she’s definitely adorable when she sleeps… :D

Circe is the only one who has any vacation days left, so she’s still more or less forced to be a stay-at-home mother. She enjoys being a part of her children’s lifes, but she also feels more and more restless. In fact so much restless that she tries to sneak to work…

Oh, and all of Circe’s autonomous cleaning eventually gives her the “bubble glitch”! XD