Both Priya and Sanjay were hoping for a girl this time, but most of all they are relieved that their little girl is healthy. Ekatan is happy to have a sibling and he also likes that he’ll no longer be “the baby in the house”. ;)

Ekatan tries to make the most out of the day, but he really hopes the school will be open tomorrow. He has made a few acquaintances online, but he’d very much like to meet more sims his age.

Sanjay finally gets the promotion he’s been hoping for! :)

Ekatan was looking forward to his first schoolday very much, but unfortunately all the snowing has caused the school to close. At least there is always a slightly stupid dog, who needs to learn some new tricks in this house! :D

Ekatan is a curious boy, and is very excited to try all the new stuff he can do as a child. Sanjay manages to find just enough time to gain that needed charisma point. Hopefully that’ll allow him to advance in the Music career. Danny and Sarah are, as usual, acting quite unpredictable; one second they absolutely can’t stand it each other and the next second they act like the best of friends! :D

I suppose we are all different when it comes to to how we prefer to sleep, but that looks horribly cold, Sarah! :D

I suppose we are all different when it comes to to how we prefer to sleep, but that looks horribly cold, Sarah! :D

Priya and Sanjay are currently expecting their second child. While Sanjay is at work Priya gets to take care of her own needs, the dogs and their toddler aged son Ekatan. Luckily Ekatan will soon become a child though, which should make Priya’s pregnancy at least somewhat easier. Neither Priya nor Sanjay have had much time to work on their skills, so Sanjay return home from work without any promotion, but at least with Gunnar Roque as company. Sanjay doesn’t think he has much in common with Gunnar, but since he knows he’ll need more friends, he decides to atleast make an effort.

Sanjay invites his friend Jenny Smith over as the pregnant Priya has to go to bed early. Jenny has had a busy and hectical life for a long time, so Sanjay is grateful to hear about her tips.

Before Sanjay goes to bed as well, he gives the dogs a bath once again. These dogs really don’t need many hours to get dirty… :D

The master bedroom gets a little makeover. :)

Outsiders might get the impression that the Ramaswamis are lazy folks who simply won’t bother to keep their garden clean. But truth is they have hectical lifes, where the opportunities to skill, socialize and relax are few.

Priya bonds with Sarah, Danny arrives home with a promotion and Priya highly suspects she is indeed pregnant! :)

Priya and Sanjay both want to give Ekatan a sibling and attempt to do so several times. Sarah has no plans to give them any privacy though, and Ekatan only wants to leave his crib… :D

Little Ekatan is very close to both of the dogs… Maybe a bit too close though - sometimes Ekatan seems to think he’s a dog as well! At least that means the dog bed comes to some use, because the actual dogs don’t even go near it! xD

Priya gets a new makeover too (I recently decided to delete all high poly hairs from my game, which both Priya and Sanjay happend to have), while Sanjay and Danny play fetch in the living room.

Sarah might tolerate her dog food these days, but that doesn’t stop her from demanding some pancakes every now and then. She doesn’t always treat the furnitures with respect either… But maybe she’s just the kind who wants some variation in life? Not that I really blame her; to eat the same food every day and to always use those plastic chewing bones, might get very repetitive in the long run. :D

A newly madeover Sanjay gets to do the not so enjoyable task that is giving Danny a much needed bath. Scolding the dogs might sometimes be necessary, but it still makes Sanjay feel a bit bad and obligated to do several positive interactions as a compensation.

Once Ekatan gets older he’ll probably be willing to do a lot of the caretaking of the dogs, which should make Priya and Sanjay able to focus on their careers (they have still not managed to do much progress in that area).

Priya and Sanjay quickly start teaching their son the various toddler skills. I don’t think neither Priya nor Sanjay rolled the want to do it (they probably wanted to play with the dogs instead! :D), but little Ekatan was of course eager to learn the skills.

Poor Danny got fired from his work and arrives home with almost all of his motives in the orange zone. When he wakes up after some hours of shallow sleep next to the sidewalk, he starts to dig a new hole in the yard in an attempt to cheer himself up. That attempt seems to work okay! :)

It’s a beautiful autumn day, and Sanjay spends it outside with Sarah giving her a bath and teaching her to shake paws. Danny rushes out to greet the mailman, but the mailman choses to greet the visiting wolf instead. That decision really puzzles Danny…