I looked away for like 8 seconds, and the next thing I know Buck has made a booty call… I guess that was quite a nice way for Buck to end his teen years! :D

He also manages to get two scholarships.

Blossom discovers why she has been puking practically all day long! :D

Tank completes his servo, but doesn’t look very happy about it for some reason. The servo looks pretty depressed too…

( This is the first servo I have ever built… When I’ll dare to actually activate it I don’t know, though! .p )

Morning cuddle! <3

The wedding party eventually ends as a roof raiser!

To Blossom’s happiness, Tank suggests they should start trying for a baby. :)

The wedding ceremony starts… And it’s one of the most awkward-looking ceremonies I have witnessed… Thanks a lot for ruining my wedding pictures, stuck dancing faces! xD

Blossom takes Tank’s name.

Tank throws a wedding party. Despite being a popularity sim, he only invites his brother Ripp and close friend Stella Terrano. Buzz doesn’t really know what to think about Tank’s alien friend - he still has his doubts about aliens - but for Tank’s sake he tries his best to be polite. A few hours later Erin returns home with a promotion, which means the ceremony can finally start…

In many aspects Jack is like a softer and less serious version of Tank. Buzz would lie if he said he wasn’t very pleased with this, but he has also promised himself he’ll always encourage Jack to be himself.

Blossom and Tank take a trip to Gothier Green Lawns for a date. It ends as a dream date, but only Blossom rolls the want to get married. That happens to be enough to convince me, though! ;)

The newly graduated Tank has returned to his old home, where his father, mother-in-law, brother, half-brother, fiancee and the family dog already live. Tank has always known what he he wants to do with his life, but to his disappointment he realises finding an opening in the military career track is a lot harder than he first thought. At least he’ll now have some time to start working on his servo…

Buck will soon leave for college and tries his best to maintain his excellent grades. He’s very happy with his life and feels ready for a new challange.

Back at home Jack makes some new acquaintances online, while Erin and Blossom study skills together.

Both Erin and Buzz of course want to spend time with their son. Erin likes to do it in a playful way, while the General prefers to bond over a game of chess.

Later that night, Pluto arrives home from his work with a promotions! :)

Time for Jack’s birthday!

He and Erin head off to the city to buy him some new clothes, while his room gets a more age appropriate look. :)

Next command to practice is to play dead, which both of them appear to be naturally good at. Maybe even a bit too good, because the trustworthiness of their actions constantly freak the other out! :D