Tumblr Hiatus

I have decided to take a break from Tumblr, at least for a while. The main reason as to why I created an account here in the first place was because more and more simmers seem to move here, and I kinda wanted to be where the most simmers were. Tumblr has become too overwhelming for me though, and just over a night it takes quite a long time to catch up on everything.

I feel a lot more comfortable with how things work over at LJ - the posting, the communication, the not so intense tempo etc. So from now on, I’ll focus on LJ and my two favoite forums, MTS & GoS. I will likely check my dashboard every now and then and like some posts, but don’t expect more than that. I might unfollow some blogs in order to make it more managable. If I happen to unfollow your blog I’m very sorry, but please don’t take it personal!