The girls return from their final exams. Ophelia, who’s been ambitious during her whole final semester, gets on Dean’s List. Laura, who’s mostly been ambitious when it comes to “other stuff”, merely passes. The newly graduated Ophelia gets a makeover and is sent back to Strangetown. She’ll move in with the Smiths. :)

( This was also it for Round 5 - I’m already playing the seventh round, so I better start posting more frequently! :D )

The last 24 hours before the final exams…

They have quite different ways to preper themselves!

Laura is one of the most successfull seducers in Strangetown… :D

Laura and a dormie are having a really good time when they are suddenly interrupted…

Laura has made a lot of new friends recently, and apparently several of them are members of the secret society. Laura is unfortunately not very impressed - especially since she hates being interrupted when she’s doing what she would call “important stuff” - and quickly heads back to the sorority where the dormie is! :D

Ophelia throws a toga party - Johnny, Jill, Jasmine, David and her cousin Nervous are invited. It doesn’t take long before Ophelia starts wondering if it really was such a good idea to invite Nervous… She loves him and wants him to get to know more sims, but even she finds it hard to have a conversation with him. When Ophelia’s fiance Johnny demands some attention, Nervous quickly escapes the crowd. Despite the fact that Nervous never met someone new this night, Ophelia hopes he appreciated the invitation.

Laura happily entertains David Ottomas in the kitchen. And since David’s fiancee Jessie has never been very faithful, it is only fair! :D

The party ends as a roof raiser.

The Tri-Fruhm Sorority only has two members at the moment - Ophelia Nigmos and Laura Torell. Despite being each other’s opposites when it comes to pretty much everything, they are somehow capable of getting along pretty good. :)

The boys arrive back from their final exams, which everyone passes. David and Ripp now get the opportunity to change aspiration, but they only get new turn-ons and turn-offs (I don’t like to change the aspirations of premades for some reason).

The newly graduated Johnny gets a free makeover and is then sent back to Strangetown and his old home. :)

Ripp gets along great with most women, but the cow mascot is an exception…

Poor Ripp takes the cow mascot’s insults personal and is way too nice to bite back. :(

The days before the final exams are mostly dedicated to studies. Mostly that is - Ripp needs a lot of cookies, chips and pizza to maintain his concentration. He appears to have a fast metabolism though, and remains quite fit! ;)

David throws a toga party, and invites Matthew, Ophelia, Laura, his fiancee Jessie and his little brother Tommy.

Ripp tries his best to make sure Tommy doesn’t feel too left out. Ripp has found that WooHoo talk almost always makes for a good conversation, and Tommy doesn’t appear to be an exception.

David has not seen his little brother since he was a child, so he makes sure to give him a lot of attention even though Jessie is a strong distraction.

The party ends as a roof raiser! :)

Ripp might have many relationships, but he has actually only woohoo’d one sim. This is of course something he intends to change ASAP! Laura and Chloe are the first “victims”. :D

The boys return home from their final exams. Both Johnny and Ripp get on Dean’s List. Johnny quickly starts studying - he only has one semester left now, while Ripp decides to spend the rest of the night chilling.

Despite the fact that he aspires popularity, David also likes to be alone and to write in his diary. Back in the dorms, he learned that privacy is not all that easy to have in college, but in the fraternity it’s close to impossible!

Ripp invites a cute dormie girl over, who he hopes he’ll manage to charm. The Cow Mascot and the Streaker do their best to distract, but the dormie finds Ripp irresistible enough to mostly ignore the others! :D

Ripp is definitely one of Johnny’s best friends, but sometimes Ripp’s laziness, childishness, sloppiness and lack of focus annoys Johnny quite a bit. Most of the time Johnny does really enjoy Ripp’s cheerful company though. David is sometimes a bit left out, but doesn’t seem to mind very much. He knows Johnny and Ripp are childhood friends and always expected them to be close.