Spring finally arrives! :)

Johnny wants to be out saving the world, but for now a job as a aerobics instructor will have to do.

Ophelia has always been dreaming about having a bunch of children, but now when nothing is really stopping her from that, the family dog Pandora is suddenly much more interesting to her.

The kids return from school… Jill is accompanied by Merkurius Curious. At first I was curious to see what their chemistry would be - then I realised they are cousins! xD

Johnny & Ophelia recently graduated from college and have now moved in to Johnny’s old home.

Ophelia gets to enjoy her new life for a few hours, before she’s abruptly brought back to reality… After recovering from the huge shock, she manages to find herself a job. :D


I know I have been absent for a couple of months now - I guess I simply needed to take a break from simming. Now I’m back though and quite excited about it! :)

It looks like PT9 has invented a brand new way of swinging a child around. Suppose it’s an alien thing… :D

Speaking of PT9 Smith; he wasn’t having much time left, which I just couldn’t bear for some reason. It would feel really sad to see him go without having met at least one grandchild. So once again the elexir of life comes in handy - I have used it a lot in this Strangetown!

Another slow and peaceful night at the Smiths…

Jim does his homework, PT and Jenny are as much in love as always and Julia starts to discover how much fun winter can be. :)

Jill arrives back from school with her boyfriend Buck, and the two of them get the chance to hang out for the first time in quite a while.

Jim invites Tommy home from school this day too and it seems they have already become best buddies. :)

At least for now, Julia prefers to hang out with her dad - she really is a daddy’s girl!

The twins have had a long and exciting day and are now starting to get pretty exhausted. But before everyone (except for Jill who is a night owl) goes to bed, Jenny helps her son with his homework. After several hours outside, Jill is eventually forced to go inside for a long bubble bath.

PT and Jenny have a much better bed nowadays and don’t have to sleep as long anymore. The extra time their new bed gives them is much needed: To give Pandora a bath is still a time consuming nightmare! xD

The kids start to arrive back from school…

Jill, who wants to improve her charisma skills, decides to ignore the coldness and to use the snow-capped Execuputter.

A few hours later the twins arrive home as well. Jim has brought Tommy Ottomas home and even though Tommy is much older, they appear to have a lot in common. Tommy’s interest in aliens probably helps too. :D

Julia, who didn’t invite anyone over from school, asks PT for some help with her homework.

The twins grew up at the end of previous round, so today will be their very first schoolday. Jim is a hyperactive kid who spend the morning bonding with Pandora the dog, while his twinsister Julia prefers to sleep as long as possible.

When all three kids have left, PT9 and Jenny enjoy their first childfree breakfast/lunch in quite a while together. :)

The twins are trying to get used to being children. Suddenly they can eat whatever they want, use the computer, call other sims and do pretty much anything by themselves. That freedom is of course awesome, but also a bit hard getting used to.

Some hours after the twins’ transitions, Pandora arrives back from her work - fired, due to an unsuccessful chance card! Jim feels really sorry for her and tries his best to cheer her up.

All the swimming gives result, but Jill think she might have become a bit too skinny… She wants muscles! :D

Later that day, Jim and Julia celebrate their brithdays.

They got makeovers, but unfortunately no new clothes - my Smith family has very little cash reserves at the moment. Good thing both aged up into pretty decent clothes for a change though! :D

The sunday morning starts much like the saturday morning did - with a kitchen fire. This time Jenny is the guilty, so poor Jill didn’t get to sleep late anytime during this weekend…

Winter finally arrives for real, and just a couple of hours after the first snow was seen, the whole lot is covered with snow. Jill is a brave kind though and doesn’t mind taking a swin despite the cold weather. :D

Pandora arrives home with a promotion, but she still hates the car with passion. :D

Jill manages to avoid the cops, and after a long great night out with Buck, she arrives back home. Before going to bed she makes sure her younger siblings have everything they need. :)