Some Toni-spam! <3

Toni celebrates his first birthday. He’s definitely cute and everything, but he appears to be a total clone of his father. I’m hoping I’ll see some traits from his mother as well once he gets older!

The Loner family…

Last round, Lola gave birth to her and Ajay’s son Toni. Being a true workaholic, Lola has missed work a lot and is excited to be able to start again. Ajay is quite happy to stay home and take care of Tony, and he even manages to find some time for one of his biggest pleasures - uninterrupted skilling time. :)

Spring finally arrives! :)

Johnny wants to be out saving the world, but for now a job as a aerobics instructor will have to do.

Ophelia has always been dreaming about having a bunch of children, but now when nothing is really stopping her from that, the family dog Pandora is suddenly much more interesting to her.

The kids return from school… Jill is accompanied by Merkurius Curious. At first I was curious to see what their chemistry would be - then I realised they are cousins! xD

Johnny & Ophelia recently graduated from college and have now moved in to Johnny’s old home.

Ophelia gets to enjoy her new life for a few hours, before she’s abruptly brought back to reality… After recovering from the huge shock, she manages to find herself a job. :D


I know I have been absent for a couple of months now - I guess I simply needed to take a break from simming. Now I’m back though and quite excited about it! :)

And so it’s finally time for the boys to celebrate their birthdays! :)

Not surprisingly Legolas chooses Popularity as his aspiration, while Merkurius chooses family. Legolas wants to become a Media Magnate, while Merkurius, despite his extreme shyness, wants to be a Celebrity Chef.

Monica does her best to pass the time while everyone else are at school or work. Legolas continues to bring new friends home from school, while his shy brother prefers to play with the kitten. :)

Legolas brings Alva Subject home from school and the two of them start playing a game of chess. Neither of them actually likes chess, but they both enjoy to cheat - something Alva appears to be a lot better at than Legolas! Despite all the cheating, they somehow manage to make good friends before it’s time for Alva to leave. :D